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Management of BSL

Mr. Md. Ayub Hossain
Managing Director
Phone: 58316000, Ext: 4400 Email: md.bsl@intercontinental-dhaka.com

Md. Abdul Quaiyum
Company Secretary
Phone: 58316000, Ext: 4402 Email: secretary.bsl@intercontinental-dhaka.com

Accounts and Finance Department
Mr. Nisar Ahmed
Chief of Accounts & Finance
Phone: 58316000, Ext: 4405 Email: nisar.bsl@intercontinental-dhaka.com

Mr. Ali Emam Hossain,FCMA
Manager Accounts & Finance
Phone: 58316000, Ext: 4414 Email: emam.bsl@intercontinental-dhaka.com

Planning and Engineering Department
Engr. Ashrafur Rahim
Chief of Planning & Engineering
Phone: 58316000, Ext: 4407 Email: rahim.bsl@intercontinental-dhaka.com

Engr. Md. AzizarRahman
Manager (Planning& Engineering)
Phone: 58316000, Ext: 4408 Email: aziz.bsl@intercontinental-dhaka.com

Engr. SubrataSaha
Additional Manager (Planning& Engineering)
Phone: 58316000, Ext: 4409 Email: subrata.bsl@intercontinental-dhaka.com

Internal Audit Department
Mr. Nazrul Islam
Head of Internal Audit
Phone: 58316000, Ext: 4406 Email: nazrul.bsl@intercontinental-dhaka.com

Mr. Nure Islam Chowdhury
Deputy Manager (Internal Audit)
Phone: 58316000, Ext: 4415 Email: islam.bsl@intercontinental-dhaka.com

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